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The history of Zip-It® follows more than a century of innovations that have led us to yet another creative function for the simple, yet ingenious zipper!

1851 - Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine, patented the "the Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure", later to become known as the zipper.

1925 - The word "zipper" was originally a B.F. Goodrich trademark for overshoes with fasteners. B.F. Goodrich sued to protect its trademark but was allowed to retain proprietary rights only for Zipper Boots. The term “zipper” came to be associated with the fastener itself.

2003 - Ishai Halmut, an enterprising textiles and technology student studying at Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, developed the zipper bag within the scope of a school project. Thus, our Zipper bags story began.

2004 - A group of businessmen, thoroughly awed by the mix of creativity and simplicity behind Ishai’s endeavor, decided to invest in his idea and turn it into a global business.

2005 - First commercially launched at the Spree 2005 Expo in Boston, Zip-It® Bags stole the show, winning 2005 Product of the Year in a run-off sponsored by the Specialty Retail Report.

2008 - Zip-It® was acknowledged as Best Product of Show and Most Innovative Product at the Sourcing & Innovation Days exhibition in Cannes, France.

2009 - Sales to-date have passed 5 million Zip-It® bags, with impressive chain of distributors, business partners and a global presence in more than 35 countries on 5 continents.

2010 - Zip-It® is launched in Australia - the 36th country on the 6th continent.

The Zip-It team is comprised of a group of passionate people who love what they do and respect the work and cooperation of others.

Like the Zip-It bags we design and produce, we are a collection of colors, shapes, fabrics and personalities, striving to make a global contribution to function and fashion.

Our challenge is to communicate with the world, reaching out to like-minded people, transcending language and culture to convey our Values: Creativity, Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Service and Fun.

By embracing these values in our work and in our relationships, we at Zip-It hope to contribute to making the world a better place.


We have chosen a business that enables us to fulfill people’s functional needs, as well as their desire to express themselves through fashion. When we are successful in our creative efforts, we seal it with the Zip-It Trademark.


Zip-It chooses to work with young, aspiring designers who personify the innovative character of our products.


Zip-It only works with manufacturers who respect human rights and provide ethical, hygienic, safe and fair work environments for their employees. Further, we must all do what we can to save our planet. Honesty, environmental consciousness and straight-forward business practices help us all succeed and prosper.



Providing a quality product has to be the foundation of a lasting business and the essence of a brand. Zip-It is passionate about its commitment to quality and only works with manufacturers who deliver safe, top quality products.


Communication, cooperation and responsiveness are at the heart of good service, and Zip-It does its best to do both with all those who take an interest in our business and products. Because time is of the essence, we strive to respond quickly, whether to enquiries, with manufacturing turn-around, deliveries and new product innovation.


At the beginning of each day we renew our commitment to reveal the magic and simplicity in life…and to make people smile. It is a wonderful way to live and work.

It is part of the Zip-It vision to induce the element of inspiration into any new product carrying the Zip-It trademark. Our products come with a promise: to reveal the magic of simplicity in life…contributing to such positive behavior as smiling, laughing, sharing, playing and simply enjoying.

Zip-It works with young and aspiring designers because we find that it translates into the young, innovative and spirited feel of our products.

Even our factories mirror the Zip-It mindset in terms of enjoying our work, and particularly with regard to human rights, quality of the work environment, ethics and morals.

Zip-It factory workers are specially trained to sew our unique products, handling each bag with care, and ensuring the most noticeable mark remaining is that of the soft human touch.

In our chaotic world, security is an immensely desirable commodity. It is no wonder that great, timeless brands earn their status by their reliability. This understanding has lead us to making quality control one of our primary concerns.

Our confidence in the quality of our products is reflected in the one year guarantee that comes with each bag.

hip bags & cases that zip & unzip


Amazon Top Holiday Seller

Spree Best Product Winner 2005

The Best Stationary Product - Belgium

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